As any good behavior analyst knows: if you want to see more of certain behavior, you must reinforce it!  That’s what we are doing with our Who Cares? Campaign.  We want to highlight places of business, organizations, and individuals who go out of their way to show that they care about the special needs community.

Some examples include:

  • the business owner who makes special accommodations for people who have sensory processing difficulties
  • the local shop that always makes an effort to include those with special needs
  • the staff member who stepped up and helped out in a moment of need

Do you know a local business that does this?  We would love to hear about it!  Share your story below:

As part our Who Cares? Campaign, we are creating CARES Packages.  In these packages we provide resources to be used within a place of business.  Our goal is for these CARES Packages to spread far and wide, giving families a go-to bag-of-tricks while out in the community.  *More information coming soon.